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UPDATE 1/06/09 : After watching Season 5 Finale entitled 'The Incident' I was overwhelmed! While in 1977 Jack and the gang fight against Radzinsky's plot to drill into the Swan Site (a plan that Chang opposes, as he has been warned it could cause a catastrophic event that could threaten the entire Island, by the late Faraday no less), in present times we are drip fed a slow reveal that could make us rethink everything about what we've seen so far. Could the destiny Locke kept talking about relate to this "war" that Widmore mentioned, and the "they" that are coming?

Well finally we get to meet Jacob, it seems, and not alone! We are introduced to Spiderman, his evil nemesis who has never before been even mentioned on the show. This Spiderman character (a name coined by hundreds of fans due to his mysterious identity) during the 1800s promises Jacob he will find a "loophole"to allow him to murder Jacob. Jacob is non chalant, and seems to not take Spiderman's warnings seriously. However by the end of the episode Jacob isa burning corpse while Spiderman (in the guise of John Locke - who saw that coming?) stands alive, with Ben following his every command.

So just who is Spiderman? And who are "they"? It's gonna be a long wait to Season 6. PS. Do you guys like the new site design? I'm working on moving over the old material from the other site :)